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IE 15
As a high-end ECG, IE15 is compatible with 15-lead and 12-lead functions. With VCG analysis function, IE15 allows you an easier access in detection of posterior myocardial wall ischemia and significantly improves the detection of circumflex coronary-related injury pattern with extra posterior leads compared with 12-lead ECG
Laptop Format
Laptop design, full alphanumeric keyboard
12.1 inch TFT LCD touch screen with 1:1 ratio background grid line
Supporting barcode scanning
Advanced Technology
12/15/16-lead simultaneous acquisitions
Vectorcardiography (VCG) analysis function
Innovative ECG acquisition box, less interference and better performance
Minnesota code and authoritative CSE database
Automatic printing when detecting arrhythmia
30-300 seconds of real-time waveform freezing and review
SD card, USB flash disk, LAN, WIFI for data transmission
ECG workstation software, WIFI module, Barcode scanner, USB flash disk, Trolley

IE12 is a new type of 12-channel ECG which has made a lot of improvement in the key ECG technologies of quickness, accuracy and stability as well as the streamlined workflow. It applies a new platform for ECG signal acquisition, which can well perform in interference reduction, fast waveform display, right-level of filtering and cost-saving. It caters for the hospitals and busy clinics where ECG volume is high, speedy and quality-demanding.
More speed:
² Waveform instant-on start-up availability
² Waveforms stable within 2 second after acquisition
More stable:
² Improved technologies in signal processing, less interference and better performance
² Neat and orderly waveforms without drifting or overlap
² New filtering technology for truthful signals at most
² Minnesota code and authoritative CSE database
More Cost-saving:
² Independent lead for cost-saving in after-sale maintenance, no longer need to change the whole ECG cable when one lead breaks down
ECG workstation software, WIFI, barcode scanner, USB flash disk, Trolley

IE 12p
With its unconventional appearance and smart workflow, IE12P can be recognized as a new concept ECG for ward round and out-patient diagnosis. Palmtop design, weight about 1.5kg, high-volume battery, fast entry for information input, large capacity for data storage, USB laser printer and WIFI transfer, all these can give you an excellent diagnosis experience.
Unique Design
Palmtop design, less than 1kg
8 inch TFT LCD touch screen with 1:1 background grid line
Long-lasting pluggable battery for up to 5 hours operation
Smart workflow
Fast entry: touching, handwriting, barcode scanning, knob operation
Standard external SD card for large data storage 
Standard ECG workstation software
Supporting WIFI transmission
Supporting USB laser printer for cost-saving
Barcode scanner, USB flash disk, WIFI, HP laser printer, Trolley, Wall mount

IE 6
IE6 features itself with reliable quality and low maintenance as a 6-channel ECG, which is more than enough for general cardiac diagnosis. It has functions such as pacemaker detection, up to 200 kinds of arrhythmia analysis, supporting roll and z-fold paper and so on, which exceed your expectation but not your budget!
Stable performance
Full digital isolation technology and signal processing ensure signal reliability
Built-in anti- defibrillation protective circuit
Pacemaker detection
Various filters to guarantee signal stability
Strong functions
Pacemaker detection
Arrhythmia detection and analysis
Various report formats on roll or Z-fold paper
Data transmission via USB or LAN port
ECG workstation software, SD card, Trolley

IE 3

IE3 has outstanding performance features which are only available in high-priced systems, such as 5.1 inch LCD, durable silicon keys, 12-lead simultaneous acquisition and display, CSE-certified automatic analysis and interpretation, long-lasting li-ion battery etc. As a cost-effective ECG, IE3 will receive widespread among the clinics, physical examination centers, small hospitals and labs without a doubt.

Elegant portable design, easy-to-use
5. 1 inch high-resolution LCD, brightness and contrast adjustable
Durable and comfortable silicon keys
Rechargeable lithium battery for 2.5 hours operation
Supporting roll and z-fold thermal paper
Intelligent functions
12-lead simultaneous acquisition and display on the screen
Automatic measurement and analysis
Up to 20 files internal storage and unlimited files with SD card
USB port for data transmission to PC
ECG workstation software, SD card, Trolley