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SSI 8000

The S8 portable color Doppler system is incorporated with the cutting-edge ultrasound technology like High Q Noise Filter Technology (HQNF), Native-Resolution-Scan-Converter Technology (NRSC), Multi-beams Process Technology (MBP), MicroScan Imaging Technology, Automatic Tissue Optimization Technology (ATO), highlighting a wide range selection of HD probes not only capable of rendering superior quality 4D images but also excellent for cardiac applications with the advanced imaging techniques including Tissue Doppler Imaging.

    By making patient diagnosis a lot more accurate and affordable, S8 is set to revolutionize the ultrasound industry in the coming years. This ground-breaking product incorporating 4D imaging is once again effectively demonstrating SonoScape’s progress on continuing setting new standards in leading-edge performance as a major global company.


Without Compromise

The new SSI 8000 is the flagship in the Sonoscape range. Superb imaging quality and clincal accuracy are the hallmarks of this premium level system. The high density digital beamformer coupled with LINUX™ operated multiple processor technology ensures an extremely powerful and versatile imaging platform that is both reliable and stable. 

Full Range of Clinical Functions - Standard Configuration

  • Volumetric 4D Imaging
  • 3D Acquisition and Reconstruction
  • B&M Mode, Colour Flow Imaging, Spectral PW Doppler, Steerable CW, Power Doppler,
  • Advanced Tissue Harmonics
  • Panoramic Imaging
  • MicroScan™ - Noise and Artefact Reduction Algorithm
  • M Tuning™ - One Touch Automatic Image Optimisation
  • Tissue Doppler Imaging
  • Comprehensive Measurement and Calculation Data
  • Programmable Hot Keys

Comprehensive Clinical Applications

  • Obstetric, Gynaecology, Peri Natal Facilities
  • Tertiary Imaging Clinics
  • Cardiac including TEE/TOE
  • Urology Clinics
  • MSK Applications
  • ICU & Theatres

Accent on Comfort

With recognition of the physical demands of everday scanning on the Technologist, the SSI 8000 is designed with comfort in mind. A tilt and rotate adjustable large LCD display offers optimum viewing angles whist ergonomically placed primary function buttons and hot keys assist with ease of operation.