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A Value Choice Beyond Your Expectation

New Platform

The new platform is specially optimized for ultrasound users: the convenient patient file management will speed up your operation, the totally user-definable pre-sets and functions will allow you to work in your own style, and the panel and keyboard layout are designed according to exam workflow, plus the system support different diagnostic purposes and image adjustments, the powerful new platform will significantly improve your ultrasound-scan experience.


Slim Unit, Capable of Various Functions
> Various Diagnostic Applications
•  General Practice: Abdominal, OB, GYN, Vascular, Urology, Small Parts
•  Support Linear, Convex, Micro-convex,Transrectal, Trans-vaginal, Intraoperative, Phased array transducers
•  Post-saved image measurement and calculations
•  Professional report for different exams: Abdominal, OB, GYN, Small Parts, etc.

> Advanced Color Doppler System
•  Color Flow Mode
•  Power Doppler
•  Pulsed Wave
•  Spatial Compound Imaging
•  Continuous Wave (optional)
•  Panoramic Imaging (optional)


New Software Platform, New workflow Experience

> Smart Workflow
S11 is integrated with a whole new file management platform; it offers complete data storage/transmission solutions and data management functions, the smart workflow will help you work smart. Also, S11 allows doctors to fully customize work settings according to their preferences, and further work in their own style.

•  Smart patient file management:  Easy to retrieve patient image and data at any time;
•  Complete DICOM system: Save, Storage Commitment, MPPS, Print, Worklist, advanced file transmission/management;
•  Full data solutions: 320G Hard drive, USB ports, VGA, S-video, DVD RW, LAN port, thermal printer support;
•  Flexible user-defined function, function keys, icons, measurement, report, comment, layout…
•  Support external USB laser/jet printer