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SSI 6000

The SSI-6000 is SonoScape's new generation high-end color system. Highlighting the outstanding 2D imaging quality with superior contrast, resolution and high penetration, and also a compete features including 4D and full cardiac package, this SSI-6000 will be your ideal choice for doctors demand no-compromising

High Performance Ultrasound with Full Functionality

The Sonoscape SSI 6000 represents outstanding value in a mid range system. With an exceptionally easy to use operating console and a large high resolution display, the SSI 6000 offers all of the functionality of large cart based systems. In terms of price and performance, the SSI 6000 is unsurpassed.

Full Range of Features in Standard Configuration

  • Micro Scan™ - Noise and Artefact Reduction Algorithm
  • Multi-Parameter Compound Imaging
  • Highly Accurate Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • 3D Imaging & Reconstruction
  • Colour Flow, Power Doppler, Spectral PW and CW Doppler
  • Extended Application Range and User Programmable Presets
  • A Wide Choice of Multi Frequency Transducers
  • Efficient Data Management and Networking
  • Comprehensive Measurement and Calculations Package

Network Connectivity and Storage

  • USB 2.0  Thumb Drive Storage & Retrieval
  • DICOM 3
  • Easy Software Upgrading via USB
  • ECG

Extended Clinical Applications

  • Abdominal
  • Obstetrical & Gynecological
  • Cardiac and Pediatric
  • Small Parts
  • Vascular
  • Urological and Prostate